59th Annual Grammy Awards Review


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By Maura Garnett, Staff Writer

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards were held on February 12, 2017, hosted by the one and only James Corden. The night was surely one for the books, especially for Adele. Adele took home five Grammys and performed twice! She even broke one of her Grammys in half and gave it to Beyonce because she believed that they both deserved it. It was also a big night for Beyonce, she won 2 Grammys and had a stellar performance. She had everyone absolutely amazed and some people even arguing that she sounded better that night than on her actual album. This was Beyonce’s first appearance after she announced her pregnancy with twins. Katy Perry debuted her new song “Chained To the Rhythm” which came out the prior Friday. She did absolutely amazing and rocked her brand new blonde locks. But the group that had the whole world in shock was Twenty One Pilots. The band attended their first ever Grammy and won for best pop duo/group performance. The twist was that when they won, they walked up to the stage and accepted their award in their underwear! Tyler Joseph, the band’s lead singer, then explained how they use to watch the Grammys with their friends in their underwear and agreed if they ever won one, they would accept it in their underwear. They then proceeded to tell everyone “Anyone, from anywhere, can do anything”. The 59th Annual Grammys was sure one to remember!

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