Building Chicken Incubators

Chicken Incubators Chicken Incubators

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By: Harshvir Kaur, Staff Writer

The Environmental Club would like to share a new idea that they personally believe would be environmentally healthy as well as beneficial to the school community. This specific club is more influenced toward ideas and topics relating to recycling, cleaning waste, no littering, gardening, animal rights, and anything else that they can relate to helping the environment. This club is sure to remind the club members about how important these topics can be for the Earth. This idea is: the making and developing of a homemade chicken incubator. The original idea of buying a chicken incubator was put to rest, taking in view of the price listed for each incubator being rather expensive. The club board members then decided on the idea of making one themselves. To do this, various supplies were bought including Styrofoam coolers, light bulbs, chicken wire, glass, sponge, and cords. More activities and fun, yet environmentally educational events are being planned including the making of a beautiful garden in the courtyard containing imagery and sculptures and trips to the beach for cleaning and discarding unnecessary waste.


Each individual supply listed for the making of the incubator serves its own unique purpose. Items such as the Styrofoam cooler and the light bulbs are used to control temperature. The light bulb serves the purpose of adding heat while the cooler traps the heat into the cooler allowing the temperature to stay consistent. The sponge will be soaked in water before being added to the cooler to influence humidity, which is also needed for the hatching. To be able to watch the eggs as they grow and hatch, a hole would be cut on top of the cooler and a glass will be placed to look through, ensuring the safety of the chicks. Lastly, chicken wire would be used to separate the light bulb from the chicks, also ensuring safety and well-being. These chickens are planned to be placed in the courtyard of the very school itself! We would like to congratulate the environmental club on all of its success and hope that their plan works out!

Chicken Incubators

Chicken Incubators

Inside of Incubator

Inside of Incubator



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