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The 2017 Spring Musical

By: Maura Garnett, Staff Writer At long last, the arrival of the 2017 spring musical at SWMHS - “Kiss Me, Kate”. "Kiss Me, Kate" was written by Bella Spewack and Sam Spewack. The musical is

Building Chicken

By: Harshvir Kaur, Staff Writer The Environmental Club would like to share a new idea that they personally believe would be environmentally healthy as well as beneficial to the school community.

Quick Update on Spring

By Harshvir Kaur, Staff Writer   Softball season is almost here, and the coach of the Varsity team, Ms. DeLucia - one of Sayreville's esteemed World History teachers - is already excited!

Valentine's Day

Oh, Valentine's Day. A day where most couples celebrate their love by purchasing gifts of roses, chocolate, and larger-than-life teddy bears. Kinda touching, to be frank. A day where courtship and

SWMHS Variety Show of

By Harshvir Kaur, Staff Writer   The Sayreville War Memorial Variety Show of 2017, held in the SWMHS auditorium, included just so much talent and fun! Spectacular and very talented

February Space News!

By: Jessica Stochel, Staff Writer No more than a month ago, one of the most impressionable astronomical events occurred during the final weeks of 2016. Starting on December 13th onward to the

Thanksgiving Time

Kaur Family Thanksgiving feast! By Kavita Parasuraman, Staff Writer It's that time of year again; it's the time of fun celebrations with family, and the best part: No school! This fun holiday

Black Friday Time is

     By Harshvir Kaur, Staff Writer Black Friday can be at time to make memories, spend time with family members, and celebrate those you have with you with Christmas shopping. Thanksgiving

A Passion for Poetry

By: Jessica Stochel, Staff Writer October 29, 2016 When you think of poetry, what comes to mind? Would it be the works of a famous poet such as Robert Frost? Do you think of strong emotions

Homecoming Frenzy

  ( Pictured: The Float for the "Cookies for Cancer" charity foundation. ) Homecoming Frenzy By: Rehat Singh, Editor-in-Chief The uproar of the crowds. The football team. Pom-poms.

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