FBLA Club on the rise…and why you should support them


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by Clayton Gallagher

Here at Sayreville High School, we offer a wide variety of activities so that any student can get involved in the community in our great school. However, one has made an astronomical jump in popularity and now dominates the scene for Must-Join Clubs. I am of course talking about F.B.L.A. Club, otherwise known as the Future Business Leaders of America Club. This group, run by AP U.S. History 1 teacher Mr. Howard, allows students to compete in activities ranging from animation to corporation design. Not only does this club offer a large selection of topics to compete in, it also holds events in several regions across America, where schools from other states get to compete against each other.

So what do students in F.B.L.A do? First, they select-from a catalog of about 120- topics that they will compete in. These topics are divided into 3 groups; Regional, States, and Nationals. Regional competitions focus more on test-taking and the competitor’s ability to memorize the information given to them. If you score high enough during the assessment, you move on to the next level: States. The events placed at this level split between some tests and more project-based activities. These events will be held at Atlantic City in the upcoming months, where schools from all across New Jersey get to compete. If you win States, congratulations, you’re flying out to Anaheim, California for Nationals. The National events stress group projects and model many structures of business, and are very challenging and thought-provoking. If you win this level, you win for the entire country. That is such an honor to have!

During an interview with Club Advisor┬áMr. Howard, I got to learn a little bit more about the decisions he made to run this club. “I saw it as an amazing opportunity to team up with kids with amazing abilities and talents,” he told Echo Lites. “Sayreville is mostly a sports-centered town. I wanted to show everyone that kids who are smart can do great. I wanted them to have the spotlight.” Mr. Howard expressed his pride in how much the club has grown. “Last year we had only 80 kids join. This year, we added 100 students,” Mr. Howard told me. He explained that Registration Officers and the Board of Education were taken aback by our astronomical jump in membership.

So how can you support this growing club? For any members of F.B.L.A. reading this, you can support the club by paying your dues. Mr. Howard is pleased with the progress of collecting dues, but if you have to turn them in, do it as soon as possible. If you are not a member, sales of lollipops are starting up for $1 a pop. Another way to support them is to encourage them to keep up the good work. As one of the most unique clubs Sayreville has to offer, F.B.L.A. members should be applauded and praised for their bravery and commitment to standing out of the common crowd in most schools; as scholars, leaders, and innovators.


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