Homecoming Frenzy

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( Pictured: The Float for the “Cookies for Cancer” charity foundation. )

Homecoming Frenzy

By: Rehat Singh, Editor-in-Chief
The uproar of the crowds. The football team. Pom-poms. Decked out suits and ties. Extravagant dresses dripping with jewels and makeup. This has homecoming all over it.

In the midst of the piling homework and quarterlies creeping around the corner, Sayreville War Memorial finally let the reigns go at the annual Homecoming. Unlike other schools in which homecoming is incorporated through a dance, the student council of Sayreville High School put their heads together and thought of festivities that are more original and creative.

Class president of the sophomores, Johnny Lewis, give us some quick insight on what really went on behind the scenes of this spectacular event. One of the most crucial aspects of the homecoming was the floats. With these floats, the class president of each grade was responsible for raising money for different charities, such as Cookies for Kids and Challenged Athletes Foundation.

“I really wanted to focus on getting the class involved and donating for a good cause,” says Lewis, when asked about what responsibilities he was assigned with. The sophomore class council mainly helped on float building. Much effort was put into these floats – about a month, in fact.


( Pictured: The float for the “Challenged Athletes Foundation” )

“Everyone’s ideas were taken into consideration,” Avani Kumar, one of the helpers of the sophomore float begins. “We all worked together. Saturdays, after school, it was tedious. As seen as in the photos, the floats are made up entirely of tissue paper. We all worked in the cafeteria. Ms. Gassman, Mr. Mergner, and Mr. Capati all helped out. The theme was charities and foundations.”

All of the classes’ floats were debuted during the pep rally, which was hours before the official homecoming. However, one of the most exciting activities took place at this time. The members of the student council ran around the bleachers asking for money to donate to the charities. The seniors got first place, meaning they raised the most money. The freshman, juniors, and sophomores followed after, from order of most to least raised. (Better luck next time, fellow sophmores!)

But even after all of this competitiveness with floats and raising money, the homecoming king and queen still remained a mystery. There were five nominees for both king and queen. Students were given about a month and a half to vote, and decorated boxes stood next to the auditorium.

Finally, on October 3rd, the long awaited king and queen were announced. During the halftime show of the football game, nominees strolled through the football field along with an escort, in their most dashing clothes available. To increase their chances of winning, the press box announcer proclaims several achievements of the nominees, such as honor societies they are involved in, classes and other credible accomplishments.

After a long tense silence that emerged from the crowd, the winners were announced: the homecoming king, Brandon Cenci, and queen Reanne Suchcicki.

The night ends with the Sayreville football team continuing their winning streak (as to be expected), and astounding performances held by the cheer squad and the marching unit.

When asked about the main purpose of the float building, Sarah Singh, member of the class council states for the record, “We just want to promote school spirit. Everyday we work hard in class and just do work. The homecoming, as well as the pep rally, both let us all to have some fun. It was a success, definitely.”

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