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Ms. Chuntz

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By Harshvir Kaur, Staff Writer

We at the Echo Lites wouldn’t have much without trusted club adviser and English teacher Ms. Chuntz! Thus, to celebrate our newspaper’s successful launch into its new online persona, we thought readers may enjoy getting to know our club adviser a little better.

These particular questions are about Ms. Chuntz and what she enjoys doing in her daily life routines.

Q: What are your passions in life? What do you like to do?

A: One of my biggest passions is that I LOVE to bake! For all the birthdays in my family and for holidays and parties and get-togethers. I love baked goods, and I love making them. I also love to read and I have a stack of books on my nightstand. I love ‘Harry Potter’. I love Disney. I’m a total nerd, but a lot of those interest stem from my love of reading, and always wanting to be a teacher.


Q: What are your favorite books? Favorite author?

A: Definitely ‘Harry Potter’, I’m just a ‘Harry Potter’ fan girl. Fantasy as a genre I also love, but I really love YA books. Part of that is because I teach high school and I am always interested in seeing what my students are reading and if it sounds good I’ll pick it up.  I like the classics, too! ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is one of my favorites. I love ‘Pride and Prejudice’ since there are so many modern remakes of it.


Q: If you had any other job in the world, what would you want to pursue?

A: I think being a writer; I would love to write and be published. I think it would be cool whether it is a writer of a novel or of poetry or something, just as a career it just has always kind of been really appealing. When I was younger, I just thought it would be cool to be a Broadway pit musician and I kind of debated that against what I wanted to do in college, but I had always known that I wanted to be a teacher since I love reading, writing, and all of that.


Q: What are a few words that you would describe yourself as? Some words others would describe you as?

A: I definitely would describe myself as organized. I like having everything done in advance and I am am definitely goal-oriented and like to get things done in a timely manner, and I get anxious when I leave everything at last minute. I would consider myself creative, I love arts and crafts and color; I can’t do blank walls in my room. My family would describe me as stubborn, but I also like to think that they would also describe me as caring because I love my family and they’re the most important thing to me.


Q: Do you have any weaknesses?

A: Weaknesses…any kind of dessert. That’s my weakness.


Q: What would you say is the best and worst part of your job?

A:  The best part of my job is just being able to interact with so many different people: students and teachers. I love hearing other people’s takes on what we are reading and what we are in doing in class. I also love discussion and thing like that. The worst part of my job might be grading just because it is so time consuming. It is definitely a matter of managing your time.


Q: What do you do at meetings? What do you encourage more of?

A: During meetings, we basically just talk about different article topics and the students tell us what they are interested in writing and the editors give in their input. A lot of what we do isn’t at the meetings, but at home when they are writings their articles or are interviewing people or going to different events at the school. I encourage more people to join because we can definitely use more to write on even though it isn’t long term and just a few article or one particular article that they are interested in writing.


Q: How do you feel about the school newspaper finally being online?

A: I think that it is a really good opportunity for  us to publish more frequently than we have in the past. This is my first year advising the club, but I know in the past that it was only one publication every so often. This will give us the opportunity to publish more often.


Q: Anything else or add, any advice, or even any information to sum things up?

A: I just am very thankful for the opportunity to advise the newspaper club and to just to get to work with these kids, who are already great writers, and just for the opportunity to help them improve as writers.

     Answering these questions for us reveals both personal information about our club advisor and some details about our Echo Lites newspaper club. As you can see, our advisor is multi-talented: her love for baking, reading, teaching, and even supporting us members to be the best that we can be while writing. We, the Echo Lites writers can passionately be proud to say how thankful that we are to have such an amazing person standing with us while we share our writing. Personally, we would like to thank Ms. Chuntz for making this paper journey possible! Thank you.

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