Is There Another Earth Out There?

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By: Kavita Parasuraman,Staff Writer

IMG_0361Isn’t it weird to think that Earth is the only place with living organisms? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that there are more Earths out there, with people just like us? Well, NASA has stated “there are seven-Earth sized planets revolving around the same star, forty light years away.” Additionally, there are three planets that are in the habitable zone of this star, known as Trappist-1. This could also mean that those three planets have oceans on the surface. The planets in this zone could be just like Earth, and support life; however, it is a bit cooler. It could have the right atmosphere and greenhouse gasses, which means life can evolve on those planets. With this revelation, NASA scientists want to find out more about these planets. In 2018 James Webb Space Telescope will launch 1 million miles from Earth. With this, scientists hope to learn more about exoplanets, and in the future we can go farther away. To learn more about this and their future missions stay tuned on NASA’s website.

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