Midterms vs. Quarterlies Face-off


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By Rehat Singh, Editor-in-Chief

As Quarterly season unfolds, many students have reached out to open up how they really feel about the tests.

In general, the whole concept of Quarterlies is relatively new. The Midterms had dominated the middle school as well as the high school in previous years, and most students from the middle school were already used to midterms: how to study for them, when they should study and the like.

But that all changed last year in 2015.

For the better or the worse, Quarterlies swept the halls in the schools of Sayreville. Even though it was introduced more than a year ago, many students as well as teachers have had differing opinions about the two types of examinations.

Those who had opposed the quarterlies, like sophomore Avani Kumar, thought the quarterlies were “putting your grades in jeopardy”. She said, “If you aren’t good at something, there is less of that topic in the midterms. Like, I wasn’t that good on a chapter in Chemistry and when the Quarterly came in, it was almost a fourth of the test. But on the midterm, it would only be about a tenth.”

However, not many other students had given a similar response.

Jody Araza, an aspiring student from overseas, had said that she liked the Quarterlies because she was used to them. In fact, she had the Quarterlies back when she lived in the Philippines. “I think Quarterlies don’t stress kids as much honestly. It keeps kids motivated, because the test is at the end of the quarters. Kids just don’t slack off as much.”

Here, we have a clash of two very controversial opinions, about what seemingly is one of the more important tests that a student of our generation of schooling has to take. Even when there is less of a topic, there is more information that has to be recalled from earlier chapters. But Quarterlies do determine the future of a student’s grade, and while it may keep them motivated, it does tend to put the student under tremendous amounts of pressure.

Quarterlies does seem to be the preference of the vast majority. Some students feel that they are less content based, and more easy to recall information from recent times. As students are getting used to the Quarterlies, they are forming their own study habits which are time effective for their schedules as well.

Even though you may not enjoy Quarterlies and the stress that accompanies them, it is possible to do well, solely if you are determined and motivated, which may the prime reason for the Quarterlies in the first place. Despite their importance regarding teacher recommendations and future classes, it may be wise to start studying your future upcoming Quarterly!

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