Model UN: An Intellectual Movement

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By: Rehat Singh, Editor-in-Chief

The low murmur of Monday afternoon chatter slowly folds away as compelling teacher, Mr. Howard makes his way to the center of the room.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Model UN.”

Every individual in the room is focused, eyes glued to Mr. Howard, as he talks with fiery passion about himself, as well as the newly uprising club known as Model UN. With his inviting presence, he introduces the basics of what this club is all about.

“As the advisor and one of the co-teachers partaking into Model UN, I make it my duty to make this club an amazing opportunity for students to push themselves and become more aware of the world around them,” Howard replies when asked about why anyone would join Model UN.

The first meeting of Model UN took place in the school’s media center on Monday, December 5th. An approximate 30 students attended this meeting.

“Now what exactly is Model UN?” Howard asks the students gathered before him, “Now I warn you ladies and gentlemen, this is not a club where you get to do nothing. You have to do your fair share of work in here.”

Before proceeding to understand what Model UN is, it is important to come across the understanding of what UN means exactly. The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization to promote international cooperation. It is a vital organization, preventing such social and economic disasters like World War II from ever happening again.

There are now 193 member states in this organization.

During this meeting, there were packets that were handed out with all 193 countries printed out. However, each pair (which are considered teams), had the opportunity to pick the country of their choice. From the United States to Haiti, the countries that were chosen were quite diverse.

“Some of the other teachers involved are Mr. Mahoney and Mr. Truchan. Mr. Mahoney is definitely the most experienced out of all of us. He in fact was the Model UN advisor in North Brunswick. He’s like the advisor of the advisor,” Howard chuckles.

It is the student’s duty to provide as much information as possible about their country. In the packets handed out, slots were provided to fill out for topics such as Government, Economy, Military, and of course, what relations the country has with the United Nations.

Essentially, these subtitles just scratch the surface of how much information the student must gather. They must be able to go more in depth, and become virtually masters about their country. All this is done in preparation of heated debates in the meetings, and ultimately a major competition being held in the future.  

“We just started Monday, but I know the competition is sometime March. It’s most likely going to be held in Rutgers or New York,” Howard states.

Model UN may seem like that club that has the workload of a regular class, however, working with a partner of your choice as well as being part of one of the most inspiring environments, Model UN is not meant to break your back. It is an intellectually-fueled activity, but most importantly, it is welcomed to anyone at anytime.



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