Sayreville Theatre: The Murder Mystery Event!


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By Dylan Moran [Editor-in-Chief]

Following the success of the Sayreville High School Theatre Club’s production of “ Wilde & Wilder”, they grow more and more ambitious – exemplified by a brand new, entirely original production from their subsidiary, the Sayreville Improv Troupe. Headed by many of the theatre program’s leading actors and student directors, the Improv Troupe have been training their performing skills throughout the year through weekly meetings. Aspiring actors looking to move their way up to the stage of the primary theatre club learn the power of improvisation through a variety of games and activities produced by the students in conjunction with Dr. Piccuirro aimed to sharpen skills in staging, comedic and dramatic acting, and thinking on their feet to react to the hustle, bustle, and unpredictability of live performance. With months of practice under their belt, now the troupe aims to move onto a larger project: Murder Mystery Night.

The Murder Mystery Night, as one of the club leaders, Mattie Daniels, elaborated, is a production performed on perhaps an even larger scale than the Fall Play and upcoming Spring Musical ( “Kiss Me Kate” – full article upcoming ) – its claim to fame being the fact that it is completely run, written, and staged by the students themselves. Members of the club write out a play under the overarching theme of the “murder mystery” trope and hold auditions to choose actors, practicing following the performance of the Spring Musical. However, according to the Improv Troupe, the audience will be in for a treat outside of just the student-made original performance on its own – food and drinks set to be provided with the purchase of a ticket. Ticket prices are set to be variable based on the success of fund-raising methods on the club’s behalf, and auditions – while lacking a presently set date – are upcoming, so interested performers are encouraged by the club’s administration to seek out the Improv Troupe with any questions they may have. Until then – be sure to keep updated by both the club itself and here with Echo Lites, who will be eagerly watching to see how this year’s murder mystery unfolds, and all the haunting twists and turns the show may take.

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