Sayreville’s Model UN in Philadelphia


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By: Dylan Moran, Editor-in-Chief

Sayreville’s Model United Nations are no strangers to news coverage here at Echo Lites – but beginning a new advancement for the club this year is a move from Sayreville to the hallowed halls of the Model UN Meeting in Philadelphia. While the fledgling club is still in the process of training before entering official competitions, seeing these young minds at work vetting the event was a sight to behold that, with luck, has put Sayreville one step closer to representation in future competitions. With schools from across the East Coast in attendance, there was no shortage of talent to witness at the event – covering wide ranges of topics ranging from improvement in African Infrastructure to rebuilding post-Revolution societies – what seems mundane to the untrained listener serving as the events that control international governments throughout our world. Facing issues of such weight that politicians and diplomats worldwide struggle to cope with them as students is, understandably, a daunting task – yet as informative speakers at the event never failed to remind their listeners, everything comes down to mixing public speaking with research when your goal is to sway your audience. Furthermore, one of the club’s advisors, Mr. Howard (who, unfortunately, was unable to attend the event) remarks that the Model UN’s ‘doors are always open to new members’ – so to those with analytical minds, political aspirations, and interest in the cultures and practices of countries across the world ¬†– or even those looking for something as simple as a venue to hone their public speaking skills – and an interest in future opportunities of this nature that may even bring Sayreville to an official competition, you are welcome to join and take your first step from our small town unto the¬†stage of a larger, interconnected world.

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