Snowed In!


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By: Jessica Stochel, Staff Writer

In addition to the sweet gift of a short and delightful month, the teachers and students of SWMHS were relieved when they woke up Thursday, Feb. 9 to fully embrace the fact that school would be closed due to weather disruptions. Since 5 a.m in the early morning to 3 p.m in the afternoon it had been snowing uncontrollably, resulting in about 4 inches (or more depending on the area).

That day, students took the opportunity to enjoy this temporary winter wonderland that would leave its slushy remains even to this day. One freshman, by the name Talia Romero, had – amazingly – gone snowboarding with her family, stating: “Snowboarding was fun and it hurt because I fell on my butt a lot.” Other freshmen such as Alexis Vanore and Grace Ekpe felt excited and relieved when they found out that there was going to be no school, and spent the day relaxing and catching up on homework.

“The sky allowed me to reflect my thoughts of the day ahead.” – Grace Ekpe, 9th grade

And lastly, Ian Colon, 10th grade, gathered with a bunch of his friends at Felix Park to play basketball and later return home.

Overall, the snow miracle of Thursday left a positive impression on all the students of the school, giving them a day of rest before they had to once again return to school.

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