Successful Band Performance


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By: Kavita Parasuraman, Staff Writer

On April 4th, 2017, the SWMHS Band performed three musical pieces, and so did the NJ City University Wind Ensemble. Both groups did a wonderful job at a night that definitely should have not been missed. The musical pieces were played so well, it brought the audience to a peaceful state of mind. The NJ City University Wind Ensemble played many pieces, and during their break time our very own band performed three musical pieces. One of the pieces known as Burn, was composed by Patrick Burn. Burn is the conductor of the NJ City University Wind Ensemble, which meant the SWMHS Band had played music in front of the composer. As Dr.Caruso, the SWMHS Band instructor, had told the band prior to the performance, “It is a once in a life opportunity to play in front of the composer.” Even with the pressure, the band did an excellent job and eased through all three songs. We hope to see the NJ University Wind Ensemble perform in Sayreville, and see their wonderful performances in the near-future!


NJ City University Wind Ensemble

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