Yearbook! Yearbook! Get your yearbook!

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By: Maura Garnett, Staff Writer

Quo Vadis, the Sayreville War Memorial High School yearbook committee is now selling the yearbook for only $100! The longer you wait in the year the more the price will increase. Once December 23 rolls around the price will then be increased to $25 more. You can purchase you book by going to the website and clicking on the yearbook tab. Then find our school and hit the order button. Also, it’s not too late to send in pictures that you want featured in the yearbook. If you download the “Replayit” app, you can add fun photos of you and your friends into the book. Seniors also get offered the chance to add in their very own senior ads. You can customize and create your ads  on the same website, So what are you waiting for, go buy your yearbook now!! 


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